Phrozen Windows Viewer

December 10,2015

Browse allocated windows from running applications

Phrozen Windows Viewer is a very user friendly application designed to enumerate any allocated windows from current running applications on your Microsoft Windows system.

The application is added in our Toolbox section which means it is not an application designed for general public but for a more targeted usage, such as developers or system administrators who need to take a closer look in their system and understand Window's usage of an application.

The application will sort by process any allocated window and display information about it.
Depending on settings, you can decide wether or not you want to show the hidden Window's node.

Window's enumeration result.

Windows information supported:

Example including hidden windows.

Supported window's actions

Supported window's actions.

Expand All / Collapse All

Expand or collapse all listed nodes. Process > Windows Visibility > Windows Names.

Identifiy window

This function will display a semi-transparent block for about 3 seconds to indentify the location of the selected window.

Example with notepad program.

Window Snapshot

Will generate a bitmap (uncompressed) image of the selected window, and export wherever you choose.

Show / Hide Window

This action will switch the visibility status of a selected window from visible > hidden ; hidden > visible.

Close Selected Process

Kill / Terminate the window process owner.

Maximize, Minimize, Restore

Change the current status of a selected window

Center Window

Center the window position on the active monitor.

Open Selected Process Properties

Display Windows File Properties Dialog of selected window owner process.


Work In Progress

We are glad to see Phrozen Company growing quickly! A new website is under development and is excepted within a month with a beautiful new modern design / awesome freeware and services. Thanks all for trusting us and downloading by million our products <3