Give wings to your insipid Windows Terminal

February 13,2016

Have you ever been dreaming about having a marvelous Microsoft Windows Terminal, something that's at the same time beautiful, time saving and better to organize when you need to work on several terminals at the same time.

Don’t search furthermore: Terminal Wings is the application you were searching for. Already in its very first version it's very complete and powerful. Imagine what power you could harness in the near future.

How does it work?

Contrary to other applications which simply try to replicate the same efficiency of the embedded Windows Terminal coded by Microsoft, our Terminal Wings is not such an emulator which “Hooks” the process of a real terminal to 'copy/paste' the screen buffer and display its contents to the custom application frame.

It also doesn't create virtual pipes to redirect output/input buffers (stdout ; stdin ; stderror) to capture send and capture terminal commands.

The reason we don’t use both above methods is due to the instability of such methods. When you execute regular commands it works pretty fine, but when it comes to use more complex console programs it become quite unstable (depending of the emulator you use).

So , what is our solution?

Very basically, we do not emulate the Windows Terminal at all, but we use the real one. We Patch the window and associated messages and embed it into our own frame. Well, this might sound very easy, but in effect it is quite complex to code if you want to make it appear very smoothly.

Important Notice: At this moment in time, the application is only available for Microsoft Windows 10. Depending on the initial success of this program, we might be tempted to support other Windows versions too.

By the way, we still recommend to push the free upgrade from Windows 7/8/8.1 to Windows 10 due to the fact that Windows 10 far better, stable and secure than all of its predecessors. If you are not convinced because of privacy hole due to the new Microsoft tracking garbage, simply use our Windows Privacy Tweaker to get rid of the telemetry and tracking services that are enabled by default in Windows 10.

Current Functions Available


02 April 2016

If you still hesitate to fly with us, some screenshots might help you

Basic Terminal Window
Cygwin Nano Editor
Cysgin SSH Client with Wallpaper
General Configuration
Profile Manager
Create Profile (Info)
Create Profile (Custom Colors)
Create Profile (Set a wallpaper)
When minimized to tray


Work In Progress

We are glad to see Phrozen Company growing quickly! A new website is under development and is excepted within a month with a beautiful new modern design / awesome freeware and services. Thanks all for trusting us and downloading by million our products <3