We at Phrozen Software recently came across two different ways of exploiting Microsoft Windows Shortcuts.

One of them was already known and used by some hackers in their phishing campaigns. The second was recently discovered by our Security Researcher. We wrote two articles about the subject (see here and here) and these were received very positively in the IT-world and were circulated widely on social media networks, especially Twitter.


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Posted on Wed 11 Jan 2017 at 10:04 by Phrozen Software™

It was only yesterday that we reported about a way of infecting Microsoft Windows users by using a simple shortcut trick with the BITSAdmin Tool to download and execute a remote application.

If you haven’t already read the article, please click here.

The main issue with the first example is that your firewall could potentially block the download attempt since it requires a remote http/https connection to download the file before its execution.

Our security researcher has found another sneaky way of exploiting the Windows shortcut with a new 0day by embedding any files (such as application files) directly inside the shortcut itself.


Shortcut - Embedded Application - 0day
Posted on Thu 22 Dec 2016 at 06:49 by Phrozen Software™

Our security researcher and Lead Developer (@DarkCoderSc) came across a way of installing malware threats in a Microsoft Windows Operating System using the well-known Shortcut System that nearly everybody uses and blindly trusts.

Because of it's very nature, it is quite hard to detect. Removal might even be more difficult.


  • A shortcut isn’t a binary executable file. At least not directly, as it mostly points to another location folder or file. However, it can also execute Windows shell commands (which is potentially a very dangerous feature, but often used for programming tasks such as system shutdown/logoff/restart directly via a regular shortcut).
  • Since a shortcut isn’t a binary executable, an antivirus program will not detect such a shortcut as a possible malicious shortcut.
  • Shortcuts can be shared through archive files without losing its properties.
  • Finally you can easily change the icon and disguise the malicious shortcut with a folder icon or an image. This could help spreading the malware via social media.

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Posted on Wed 21 Dec 2016 at 05:52 by Phrozen Software™

Successor of Phrozen VirusTotal is finally there!

We know, most of you have been waiting expectantly for quite a long time for the successor of our hugely successful Phrozen VirusTotal Uploader. We are proud to announce that we can finally announce the news: Winja – short for Windows Ninja – is much more than an advanced uploader for a Multi-Antivirus Engine Scanner.

The program was recoded from scratch and applies VirusTotal API’s in a more optimized and sophisticated way to save network resources and time. The program now checks for a previous existence of a scan in the archives of VirusTotal before uploading the file itself. Naturally, we offer an option to rescan a file to get a more recent check of available Anti-virus databases.

The program is also completely redesigned to meet our highest standards and our novel Phrozen Material Component Set combines the style of Google Material and Windows 10 graphical trends.
The program now offers crispy clean and very user-friendly design that operates also very smooth, effective and efficient even on older computers.

The program is designed so that even inexperienced computer users can effortlessly operate Winja.


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Posted on Tue 03 May 2016 at 03:55 by Phrozen Software™
Sat 28 May 2016

Winja was updated to version 1.0. Read More

Fri 13 May 2016

Windows Privacy Tweaker was updated to version 2.1. Read More

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