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Wed 16 Dec 2015

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Phrozen Windows Viewer is a very user friendly application designed to enumerate any allocated windows from current running applications on your Microsoft Windows system.

The application is added in our Toolbox section which means it is not an application designed for general public but for a more targeted usage, such as developers or system administrators who need to take a closer look in their system and understand windows usage of an application.

The application will sort by process any allocated window and display information about it.
Depending on settings, you can decide wether or not you want to show the hidden windows node.


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Posted on Thu 10 Dec 2015 at 04:02 by Phrozen Software™

Who does not fear about the possibility of being spied upon your Webcam without your knowledge? Have you thought of this frightening threat to your online security? Well, it is no longer a fear but a reality. It is no longer an imagination, or something you can assume. It is happening, and the most worrying thing is that it is very prevalent. Nowadays, hackers have managed to achieve great success in spying on innocent internet users by use different kinds of Malware.One of such malware is the infamous DarkComet RAT.

DarkComet RAT is a Remote Access Trojan targeting Microsoft Windows Machines world wide. This dangerous malware opens huge remote possibilities to Hackers, such as Keystroke logging, Listening on your conversations on the Microphone, Recovering passwords, Watching your desktop using your webcam etc. A very huge amount of such Malware exists and represents millions of computers infected world wide. Other techniques exists to spy on you through the webcam, using malicious Website scripts, for example, using your Webcam device, tricking on you to allow Webcam to be broadcasted.

At Phrozen Software™, we are aware of your concern about this cyber threat. Definitely, no one wants to be spied upon; No one wants to feel insecure while doing their online activities, and you are no exception. As you may already be aware, at Phrozen Software™ we design different security programs to provide you with the ultimate solution to the problem. Our software are designed differently, not like the regular Antivirus programs. We do not claim to replace an existing antivirus program; All we do is enhance them using generic techniques to avoid yet to be known viruses from impacting on your security until your antivirus is able to get into their signature database. That is why we HAVE launched Who Stalks My Cam, a smart program designed to detect which applications are using your webcam in real time.


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Posted on Tue 17 Nov 2015 at 08:34 by Phrozen Software™

In older versions of Windows, simply hitting 'My Computer' would give you an overview of the disks, apps and stations that are available on your system. Windows 10 has been preset with another setting. Annoyingly, it shows the things you really don't need to see.

Read more to know how to restore the normal behavior. Read more...

Fix - Windows 10 - Quick Access - Display - Exploer - Tweak
Posted on Thu 08 Oct 2015 at 03:49 by Phrozen Software™

Antivirus companies are increasingly advertising the cloud-based capabilities of their products, telling us that 'the speed of cloud computing to deliver real-time protection' is the next big step in your protection. Yes, in some sense 'the cloud' improves the effectiveness of your antivirus program. A novel way of interaction is now possible between your antivirus program and the servers of the antivirus company. But this communication between your program and their servers could turn into a real problem for the privacy of the data on your computer. The question therefore is: which is more important? Do you consider a little improvement in your antivirus database more important than the potential loss of important data?


Windows Defender - Privacy - Cloud - Scanning - Sending Sample - Fix
Posted on Sat 12 Sep 2015 at 02:32 by Phrozen Software™
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