Microsoft Windows Application Development

Have you ever needed an app to do something that it cannot?

Have you been searching the marketplace for an app to do something, but cannot find the right one?

Instead of settling for an application that isn't able to do all that you want it to, we have the solution.
Our Microsoft Windows application development service allows us to provide an incredible solution for your business.
All of our software is user friendly with secure code. We can provide multi-language solutions and updates so you never have to worry about your application being out of date.

Our team of professional coders is able to work within a number of computer languages to provide you with the tools and graphics needed. We use such languages and frameworks as Delphi/Pascal, C and C++, Microsoft.NET, and Visual Component Library (VCL).
We like to say that everything is possible because of what we have been able to do in the past. We push ourselves to the highest coding standards in order to provide you with the application you truly need. With our experience in speed optimization and memory management, our apps aren't going to slow your computer down or cause it to crash – and this is of the utmost importance.

Think about what you want your current applications to do. If it offers a lot of the functions you want, but is limiting you in one way or another, then let us help. We are able to modify proprietary software to meet your individual needs. Even if it isn't open source, we have the ability to code tools to change the behavior of software that is closed source. What we do is go in and tweak and hack some of the functions in order to meet your individual needs.
If you want the application to be a simple click or you want the information to flow into a database that you have on your computer, this can be done. This allows you to focus on efficiency and productivity within your operations.
You may be able to reduce the number of applications you use across your company by working with us.
Our professional developers can sit down and help you solve some of your current application problems.

Some areas we have been able to help with include:

There’s no need to use three or four applications when there is the possibility of using only one or two. Each time you have to open up another program, it takes time as well as system resources. Our goal is to streamline the way you use applications by developing new ones – as well as altering the ones that are already running on your computer.
A significant amount of automation can be programmed into applications so you can run hands-free. If you don’t have to go into an application for work to get done, why would you? Technology is evolving quickly and we are at the forefront of it all. Our programmers are constantly researching new technologies and algorithms to find more efficient ways solve problems. This allows you to benefit from our new-found knowledge so you can have more tasks automated and more information available at any given time.

The days of using applications that don’t fit your industry and that don’t fit your business model are over. When you use an application that doesn't work specifically to your needs, it can lead to inefficiency as well as the inability to get the support you need. If an application isn't providing you with the full level of service you need, a lot of the work you turn out may have to be manual – and with the level of technology that is available, it’s simply not necessary.
Let us introduce you to the world of application development. We will solve the problems you're having by modifying your current programs and even creating new applications. There’s no area that’s off limits for us. We have a team of developers who are well-versed in the latest computer languages and programming paradigm and who have worked in areas of security, automation, database management, and more. This allows you to profit from all of our knowledge when having an application developed.

We have competitive pricing and offer the chance for you to gain productivity within your day to day operations, all because of developing new and more unique applications. We provide free quotes, so contact us today and learn what can be created for your individual needs!
Once you launch a customized application across your organization, the benefits can be dramatic, allowing you to improve productivity, maximize growth potential, and minimize downtime.
We have helped various organizations in the past and look forward to making a difference in yours!

Technologies We Used

# Name Versions
Application Language
Delphi / Pascal7, 2007, 2009, XE1..XE6
C and C++-
Application Framework
Microsoft .NET2..LATEST
VCL (Visual Component Library)LATEST

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