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Experienced IT Professionals

Phrozen Software™ is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in IT security. We provide security audits for all sizes of companies and organizations and specialize in evaluating the security of websites, online applications, and Microsoft applications. Our unique surgical scan procedure ensures that applications receive the most thorough evaluation possible, preventing attacks that could prove to be catastrophic.

Why Security Matters

Even small security flaws can lead to big problems. Recently, even large companies with well-developed systems have experienced hacking events that put them and their customers at risk. From this, it is clear that no organization can afford to be complacent about security.

Hackers are constantly evolving their methods, so every company needs to be constantly monitoring their systems and eliminating any weaknesses. Malicious software is now predominantly delivered through web browsers and internet applications, so companies must constantly ensure their applications are not infected. Major security flaws have recently been found in software widely used online as well as in systems that have traditionally been considered secure, so it is more important than ever for companies to ensure that their systems are not vulnerable to these newly-discovered flaws.

Businesses should also consider the impact that security breaches can have on business; mandatory disclosure of these types of attacks is becoming more common and customers expect their information to be safeguarded. And as online platforms and protocols continue to change, experts predict that new security flaws will be uncovered that will need to be addressed. The only way to stay ahead of cybercrime is to constantly evaluate security.

Our Unique Surgical Scan Procedure

Phrozen Software™ doesn’t run the types of automated security audits that most other companies perform. The tools used in this type of conventional testing often miss vulnerabilities, leaving critical security flaws. Instead, Phrozen Software™ uses a unique method called a surgical scan. This scan tests every path in an application and comprehensively evaluates every possible place that a vulnerability could exist. Although this method takes more time than using automated tools, it provides a much better overview of the system and makes it almost impossible for any problems to remain unfound.

Website and Online Application Audits

Websites and applications that run online using tools such as Javascript can contain security flaws that compromise systems. In fact, most security breaches today occur through web browsers and internet applications. Full, comprehensive audits of both websites and online applications will find these flaws so that they can be fixed before problems occur. Phrozen Software™ doesn’t rely on the automated tools that other companies use; our surgical scan procedure is more reliable. Companies that use e-commerce or other tools that collect customers’ private information need to be sure that they are protected, and our surgical scan procedure is the best way to ensure that online systems are secure.

Microsoft Application Audits

It’s not just online tools that can be vulnerable to hackers, but also internal applications. Phrozen Software™ specializes in auditing Microsoft applications to reveal any security flaws that could compromise networks. Eliminating security flaws protects private information and keeps systems running smoothly. The surgical scan process examines every possible line of code so that nothing is missed. Don’t rely on automated tools to keep your networks and private information safe; make sure everything will run smoothly with our in-depth procedure.

Protect Your Investments

Businesses that have experienced security breaches know that it can be devastating. When customers’ information is compromised, they will be reluctant to continue their relationship with the company at fault. Most businesses make a significant effort to gain each customer, and keeping their information safe protects that investment. Developing websites, applications and services also costs time and money. Preventing systems from becoming compromised protects the investment put into developing those systems. Our surgical scan method does the best job of ensuring that your systems will continue to run smoothly.

Save Valuable Time

When any system is subject to an attack, it requires a significant amount of time to discover the security flaw and to fix it. It will likely also require a significant amount of time to deal with the effects of the breach. Allow your team to spend their time on more valuable projects that improve your business, and don’t lose time dealing with security problems. Identify weaknesses before it’s too late with our comprehensive security audits that can find virtually any flaw.

When security is important, don’t trust your systems to automated tools that are too prone to miss problems, but let our professionals perform a surgical scan that will keep your systems safe.

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