Website and Web Service Development

Our professional team of website coders and design experts will custom tailor websites for any size business or individual. Starting from scratch, or working from an established design we can help you get your message across in exactly the way that you want. If you don't need coding, we can install/manage/customize and secure an easy to use content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, and more.

Content management system installation can allow you to change and create your own site. However, you may find that it becomes time consuming to remember to update, apply updates correctly, do regular security checks, update every single widget or app, and repeat on at least a weekly basis as well as adding all of the information and benefits to your site that you feel suit your current and future customer base. Should you want a less involved approach to having a website and keeping it current, our services are available to help you.

Our staff have expert level knowledge of web technologies

Languages and Frameworks

One of the computer languages is PHP code. Others include Java (J2EE - Java Enterprise Edition), HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap Framework, Javascript and Jquery. Javascript, another computer language, is the main one used for things such as interactive parts of websites. For instance when clicking on a link to go to a video or another page, Javascript is usually the background language which send your customer to the right place or feature or opens new extra windows. Knowing these languages can help us make your website exactly to your specifications, or convert an older website into something new without losing all of the parts that you loved about your old website.

Programming Paradigms

These are like the foundations of building successful website code which results in a website which is useful and visually appealing. Just as there are languages, the languages have programming paradigms which help our coding experts follow the 'rules' of the code in order to create the best result from the language and programming side of website design.

Responsive Design

Our website designs are flexible and creative - they'll work in any kind of web-accessible device whether it is Android or iPhone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop. This means you can reach the maximum number of customers - anyone who looks on the internet at your site. Nearly 3 billion people worldwide used the internet last year


We believe in delivering clean and professional concepts in our designs and codes, and upholding a high level of security. Bug free, we can handle the job and code clean and secure copy which means you will not have to worry about security flaws such as XSS and SQLi. Your time is more important than trying to memorize and perform website cleaning, coding and security - this is our job which we are happy to do for you and we do our best with every website we take care of.

Hosting Pack

We host and handle future updates/email/and domain management should you choose that service. With our website hosting pack, our expert security team will secure the servers against security flaws and DDoS attacks.

Avoid Unnecessary Information

If you are not passionate about website design, creation, and coding like our experts are, that's not a problem because it is our job and we will be happy to do it without trying to teach you how to build your own site. After all, that is what you will be using our services for. We are happen to explain our process so that you feel more comfortable.

Technologies We Used

# Name Versions
Web Languages
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)v4.x - v5.x
CSS (Cascading Style Sheet)-
J2EE (Java Entreprise Edition)LATEST
Node JS0
Javascript Library / Framework
Angular JS0
CSS Framework
Twitter Bootstrap-
PHP Framework
JAVA(J2EE) Framework
CSS Programming Extension
CMS (Content Management System)
Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)
Operating System Hosting
Windows Server2008 R2 - 2012 R2
Ubuntu ServerLATEST

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Work In Progress

We are glad to see Phrozen Company growing quickly! A new website is under development and is excepted within a month with a beautiful new modern design / awesome freeware and services. Thanks all for trusting us and downloading by million our products <3